Sua Word of the Day Update

We are in the process of revamping our Word of the Day emails. We want these to align with our mission of creating inclusion in every language.

We believe that inclusion creates the environment for fulfilling desires, so each reading step will tell the story of how a desire can be fulfilled. The vocabulary learnt will build a picture of how we get from the desire to the final realisation.

For instance, if you desire a family, you will need help from a partner. Once you have a partner, you need fertility. We then need patience to follow the journey. Where do you begin? You have a pregnancy. If your partner gets the response wrong, you may feel anxious. Your journey will end when you have a baby. You can check that the goal has been achieved by understanding if the product has grown your desire or not: you love family and you fear loneliness.

So, for our family reading step, you have the opportunity to learn the following vocabulary in the language of your choice:

  • I want a child.
  • I meet a partner. The partner will help me.
  • I need fertility.
  • I start the pregnancy.
  • Then I feel anxiety.
  • I have a baby.
  • I fear loneliness.
  • I love family.

Look out for this change, and remember to tell us your thoughts by leaving your feedback at the bottom of the page. Happy learning!

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