July 2022 Newsletter

General News

We’re halfway through the year and our vision of creating safety and acting inclusively has been a key focus for us at kasahorow. We want this to infiltrate everything that we do. We welcomed our first creating safety programme manager, Asiwome Bonuedi, to the family. Through the programme, she aims to help people form secure attachments in their communities and use tools to restore safety in these relationships.

We completed the first phase of our creating safety project [add link], where 98 inmates at four different facilities in Ghana completed our attachment survey. Our goal now is to extend this to 1000 inmates to see what patterns emerge.

We rolled out our five year support plan to ensure that language dictionaries become self-sustaining in this time. This has been a learning curve for our language managers and our product managers, but will ultimately allow them more autonomy and ownership of their language dictionaries.

Africa Report

We currently have 70 actively managed African languages. At the end of the May cycle, 45 out of our 70 African languages reached sustainability, meaning that they are now being funded with royalties from kasahorow dictionary sales, rather than by our endowment fund.

In May, Igbo recorded the highest royalties from dictionary sales (FNC 164.06) followed by Tigrinya (FNC 158.91).


The award for the most sustainable language goes to Igbo and its language manager, John Onyekachi. Well done, John!

Europe Report

Europe currently has 14 actively managed languages. The beginning of our sustainability implementation in May saw 2 languages (French and Swiss-German) becoming self-sustaining, being funded with royalties from kasahorow dictionary sales. Our main distribution channel for European dictionaries is through and its affiliates.

French recorded the highest royalty invoice from dictionary sales (FNC 151.21). German, Spanish and Italian, while not yet fully self-sustained, made some royalties from dictionary sales of FNC 56.97, FNC 43.65 and FNC 31.38 respectively.


For the beginning of this sustainability period, the manager who has shown continued commitment in working for a difference is the German Language Manager, Janice Scheepers. Thanks for all your hard work, Janice.

Asia Report

Our Asian language managers are working as a team to achieve their language goals. We recently launched a new dictionary language, Burmese, bringing our total number of actively managed Asian languages to 20. 15 out of the 20 Asian languages achieved FNC 30.00 every month in the period of evaluation.

As a team, we hope to continue our growth, and as part of the mission to become self-sustainable, we are working to increase book sales.


The language manager who exhibited tangible growth in the areas of comments and feedback, making corrections, trustee-manager interaction, response time to message, translation work and most importantly growth progression in invoice value is Siti Farhani
Mahamed Ali, the Malay language manager who has raised her invoice by FNC 74.73 over the period. Keep up the good work!

Once again, we thank all of our language managers and our product managers who are working towards our vision of inclusion in every language. We look forward to what the rest of 2022 will bring!

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